A non-profit association for professionals

About us -  The association

Innovationsledarna is a nonprofit organization with the purpose to pursue issues that are common to professional innovation leader in all types of companies and organizations in Sweden.

An innovation leader is responsible for or contributing actively to, the management and organization of innovation and increased innovativeness in a company or organization.

Its purpose is to:
1. Develop the professional role as innovation leader
2. Establish the discipline innovation management in organizations
3. Promote members’ development

Our vision is that Sweden leads the way as innovation leaders – each person and organization utilizing its full capacity.

Our partners

About us - Collaborations3
ISPIM (International Society for Professional Innovation Management) gives a discount on membership.
About us - Collaborations2
Innovation Pioneers gives discount on Innovation in Action and membership.
About us - Collaborations4
Motivation.se pubish a series on innovation leaders.
About us - Collaborations
IMIT (Institute for Management of Innovation and Technology) cooperate in varous activities e.g. research projects, seminars and publications..
About us - Collaborations7
VINNOVA cooperate in varous activities e.g. articles, seminars and influencing
About us - Collaborations6
Triple Helix Association cooperate in varous activities e.g. webinars.
About us - Collaborations5
Swedish Incubators & Science Parks cooperate in varous activities e.g. education.

Board members 2017-2018

Magnus Karlsson – Chairman
Mats Magnusson – Vice Chairman
Gunnar Storfeldt – Treasurer
Maja Påhlman – Regular member
Sara Modig – Regular member
Anna Halling – Ordinary member, meeting chairman
Stefan Vlachos – Regular Member
Katarina Stetler – Regular member
Tatiana Solodlko- Deputy
Hampus Svenblad – Deputy

Send an email to the board.


Our projects

- Innovationsledarna Mentorship Program. The purpose is to facilitate the matching of mentors and mentees to promote learning and sharing within our community. It might still be possible to join the program. Send an email to Tatiana or Anders. Klick this link to see  more info


- Thematic Meeting Groups (TMG) are starting up. Different themes were discussed at the latest members meeting and it is proposed to focus on three themes to start with:

  1. “Cross-functional challenges in large organizations” is starting in June. Contact Magnus Karlsson or Gunnar Storfeldt.
  2. “Collaboration and open innovation” (will kick off at the next members meeting). Contact Anna Larsson or Erik Ronne.
  3. “Innovation management in the public sector” will start at a later time. Oskar Jonsson will not be able to start this right now as previously announced. Please contact Magnus Karlsson if you want to be part of this group.

Other themes that have been discussed, and will be considered as themes at a later time, are: Corporate venturing, Innovation through digital transformation, Social Innovation, Innovation strategy, Innovation competence and culture.


- Training for innovation management professionals. The purpose is to develop training requirements and to collaborate with training providers to develop training programs for innovation management professionals. Contact Nina Bozic (nina.christmas@gmail.com) for more information and how to support the project.


- Qualification and professionalization of innovation management professionals. The purpose is to pilot and evaluate how a personal certification program can be implemented. Contact Dag Sjöholm (Dag.Sjoholm@sp.se) for more information and how to support the project. See also the news here and read about the project in a recent RISE Newsletter.


- Meetings development team. The team plans and runs members meetings as well as developing new forms of meetings and ways to engage for members. Contact Maja Påhlman (maja.pahlman@gmail.com) for more information and how to support and join the team.


- Web content team. The team is maintaining and developing content for the Innovationsledarna web site.  Contact Robert Svanberg (robert.svanberg@amplify.se) for more information and how to support and join the team.


- Influencing team. The team is working with external information, visibility and marketing of Innovationsledarna in media and at events. Contact Sara Modig (sara@modigminoz.se) for more information and how to support and join the team.


- ISPIM Stockholm 2018 team (in collaboration with KTH and other stakeholders). The purpose of the team is to plan and prepare for the upcoming ISPIM (International Society for Professional Innovation Management) conference in Stockholm in June 2018. Contact Mats Magnusson (matsmag@kth.se) for more information and how to support and join the team.


Find more information about ongoing and completed projects and teams in the dropbox (for members).