Working group with a mission to gather “a body of common knowledge”

Is it possible to list “a body of common knowledge” and “must reads” for people with the Innovation Managment Profession? We believe that it might be so, and with the mission to gather such a list we have started a working group.


The idea to start a working group and a project with the mission to gather ideas on which literature that should be on the “must read-list” for anyone working in the field of innovation management was presented at the members meeting on February 7th 2018. The idea was met with a great interest and a number of network members signed up to take part in the working group.

During the working group’s first meeting, held on March 3rd, the following purpose and goal were set:

  • The purpose of the project is to provide the network with a combined “knowledge body” and a “reading list” with recommended literature (articles, books, methods, models and other tools) that are of value to people who hold roles as innovation leaders.
  • The goal is to create a list of recommended literature for people in the innovation management profession. If the project results in a compendium or similar compilation, with a fairly condensed list, which covers both the overall perspective and relevant subdomains, by the beginning of 2019 we have reached our goal.

For more information

The working group hopes to involve all the members of Innovationsledarna in the process of creating the list.

For more information, please contact Acting Project Manager Magnus Karlsson