Members meeting 23:rd of November

Welcome to Innovation leaders November meeting at Innovation 360 group!

Location: Innovation 360 Group, Olof Palmes street 13, 5tr (gateway phone).

The theme of this meeting is “Hypothesis-based approach”.

Innovation360 group will run two exercises with all of us at the meeting;

-First on a so called “Innovation Circle”

-Second a shorter workshop on “Hypothesis-based Work Methods”

An Innovation Circle means that you will, in good time before the meeting, conduct an individual assessment of your organization’s Innovation Skills based on Innovation360’s Innovation Framework (an Innovation Assessment according to CEN / ISO standards). It is an on-line survey that takes you about 15-20 minutes to answer, and you will receive a personal invitation to the survey when you sign up for the meeting on 23/11.

At the meeting you will then receive a personal, bound, report and help with analysis and interpretation of the results. We will look at your own individual results and how it looks for the IL group as a whole.

For the analysis, we will also use benchmarking against our innovation database, which includes measurements of more than 6,000 organizations at the present time, to show both how your individual assessment and how the Innovationsledarna as a team stand against both the average and top quartiles (“Top Innovators “) in the database.

At the workshop on “Hypothesis-based Work Methods” we will showcase and test how best practice can go from Ideas (Ideation) through hypotheses and experiments to decisions about development and launch or not. We will also illustrate the different roles / responsibilities needed to run a hypothesis-based approach efficiently in an organization. The hypothesis-based approach is a further development of “design thinking” and best practice for all innovation processes as we see it.



15:00 Coffee

15:30 Intro IL

- Project Update

- Information about ISPIN

16:00 Innovation Circle – Interactive survey of the measurements

17:15 Coffee & Networking

17:30 Workshop in groups – Hypothesis-based approach

18:00 Mingel with Vegetarian Wraps, Light Salad / Water, etc.

18:30 End of season

Sign up for the meeting below: